A little bit about Charlotte Waugh

Welcome to the Charlotte Waugh Creative Website!
I am a Matamata based printer by trade but in my spare time I am also an artist, muralist and a very proud Mum of two.


Growing up in Auckland I spent much of my spare time as a youth in my fathers workshop. He is an antique restorer by trade and I always found myself fascinated by the treasurers that came through the doors. I became particularly interested in Art Nouveau and old images of etchings and those are really what moulded my style into what it is today.

My original steampunk creations are made with fine pigment liners and given a wash of shellac on completion to add amazing depth.
Each limited edition print comes with an authenticity certificate and is personally numbered, named and signed. 

All prints and originals sold through this website are unframed.

As my little business is not yet registered, GST is not charged on purchases.
Original artworks and commissions are available upon request and framed prints are available to view and purchase from a few local stores (check out the local retailers here).

Thank you for you support and I hope you enjoy my site xx